Intended as an aesthetic and psychological counterpoint to my current show Cy Twombly Death's Head (see below post) at Park Life in SF, I produced this fast and crude little comic/zine Fuck Our Lives (Volume One) for Printed Matter's 2014 LA Art Book Fair. I made a limited first edition of 50 copies, and it sold out mid-afternoon on Saturday! People were super into it, and extremely into the Xerox posters I gave away with it!

I made another, darker photo book triptych as well, titled Cover Your Breast, which people also responded strongly to. Phew! 

I'm completely humbled by the fair- so many people said I was their favorite booth! I sold a bunch of shirts and photo zines and had a great time chatting with the masses! 

So… maybe I'm funny? I don't know… I'm just stoked that everyone enjoyed it so much! 

Now I just need to find someone to sponsor a larger edition of Volume Two! For that one, I'm thinking I'll double the page count and produce a small signed and numbered Xerox poster edition on heavyweight paper. Sounds like a good art show, too- who wants to do it? 

Check out the pages of the zine: 

This last one didn't make the cut for the book, but I like it a bunch nonetheless:


Upcoming: the 2014 LA Art Book Fair!

I'll once again have a booth at Printed Matter's LA Art Book Fair, which takes place at MOCA Geffen, near downtown Los Angeles, CA. I'll be in the (awesome) "Zine World" side of the fair, alongside a TON of amazing artists and small-press art book publishers. 

I'm releasing an extremely personal, very small-run photo book triptych (three books packaged together) and a couple other things, plus I'll have a bunch of my older work (including Nobody Wins merch) along for the ride! 

As always, the event is FREE and open to the public. Please come say hello!

Fair Hours:
January 30 (6- 9pm)
January 31 (11- 5pm)
February 1 (11- 6pm)
February 2 (12- 6pm)

152 North Central Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Cy Twombly Death's Head!

Here are a few photos from my current show Cy Twombly Death's Head at Park Life, in San Francisco, CA. The show runs through February 16, 2014. If you're in the Bay Area, head out to the Richmond district and have a look!

Click on the first image and it will expand into an enlarged slideshow you can scroll through!

(for whatever reason, Blogger created some warm/cool variance on a few of the installation views. please excuse that. the "cooler" grays, especially on the acrylic paintings, is more accurate.)

Cy Twombly Death's Head, Graphite on paper, 22" x 30", 2013.

Installation view. 

Study for an Aquaduct Drawing, Graphite on paper, 11" x 15", 2013. 

Thinking About the Lineage of Classical Form, Graphite on paper, 11" x 15", 2014. 

Study for The Vatican Pattern, Graphite on paper, 11" x 15", 2013.

Death Marches Variation: The End of the Death March, Graphite on paper, 22" x 30", 2013. 

Waves Upon the Shore, Tides of People, Histories Washing Away into Fire, Graphite on paper, 22" x 30", 2013. 

Installation view. 

Sol Lewitt's Prison, Graphite on paper, 44.5" x 60", 2013. 

Installation view.

Installation view.

Installation view. Ancient Sculpture (12 works), Acrylic on paper, 22" x 30" each, 2013. 

Installation view. 

Installation view. 

Donald Judd Fascism, Graphite on paper, 22" x 30", 2013. 

The House That We Built (after Bernd and Hilla Becher), Graphite on paper, 22" x 30", 2014. 

De Chirico's Nightmare, Graphite on paper, 22" x 30", 2013.

The Vatican Pattern, Graphite on paper, 44.5" x 60", 2013. 

Installation view. 

Installation view. 

Installation view. 

Installation view. 

Clockwise, from top left: Apple, or Ecce Homo; Portrait of Donald Judd; A Variation Study for Death Marches: The End of the Death March; Portrait of Philip Guston; Study for Sol Lewitt's Prison; Portrait of Bernd and Hilla Becher; Death Marches: Thinking About the Many Failures of History; Portrait of Sol Lewitt; A Variation Study for Donald Judd Fascism; 

Graphite on paper, 11" x 15", 2013. 

Installation view. 



"Cy Twombly Death's Head" opens January 17, 2014 at Park Life, in San Francisco!

Park Life is pleased to present Cy Twombly Death’s Head, a new body of work by Louis M Schmidt.

Opening Reception Friday January 17th, 2014. 7 - 10 pm

“When I read the news that Cy Twombly had died, I began doodling portraits of him as a death’s head. I’ve been obsessed with death’s heads forever, and the words “Cy Twombly death’s head” just attached themselves to my brain and wouldn’t go away. As such, the title was decided upon nearly two years before I made the first proper piece for the show, a drawing that ended up with an even more provocative title: Donald Judd Fascism. Many of the works in the show riff on artists and art history in a similar manner, as homage, critique and play with ideas and characters that have inspired me since I began studying art.

The work I made for Cy Twombly Death’s Head isn’t really about Cy Twombly, or about any of the other artists referenced in the show- although Twombly’s life and practice were a major source of inspiration. Really, the work is about “the bigger picture”. It’s about myth, history and form, and how people have tried to process the passage of time and the human condition. I’m obsessed with history and art history, and Twombly simply provided a starting point from which to spiral into a consideration of my primary concerns, namely: our human relationship to power; how we create the systems we need to survive; and our primal (fatal) tendency towards hierarchical (vertical) paradigms. The traditional context of the death’s head, the winged skull found on many Puritan gravestones (dating back at least 400 years) provides other layer of mortal, historical concern and symbolism through which to meditate upon such looming existential drama.”

Louis M Schmidt is currently a nomad- living between San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and Colorado. He earned an MFA in Visual Arts from UC San Diego in 2010, after a BFA in Studio Arts (graduating Summa cum Laude) and a BA in Art History from CU-Boulder in 2004. Schmidt’s practice ranges across drawing, painting, installation, photography, and publication work. Recently the inaugural resident at Watershed Residency (outside Nashville, TN).

Park Life
220 Clement Street
San Francisco, CA 94118
Phone: 415.386.7275



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80 pages of black and white photography. 
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